The Dark Horse

I wrote my first story for Deadspin today, “The Dark Horse: How Big Brown’s People Nearly Pulled Off Horse Racing’s Biggest Scam,” an approximately 5,000-word account of the downfall of Big Brown’s human connections since the colt finished last 5 years ago in his attempt to break the Triple Crown spell. You can read it here. Also deserving of credit is Barry Petchesky, who was the editor on the piece and is one of the few journalists still interested in horse racing, and thus was eagerly receptive to the idea.


For new visitors to the site, feel free to look around and peruse the other stories I’ve written, in the Articles section.



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2 responses to “The Dark Horse

  1. Great story! Thanks for posting and doing such in depth and excellent reporting. I knew Iaaverone was a thug the first time I saw his picture and read about him. What a piece of work.

  2. Allison Roulston

    Just finished reading Big Brown And The Scumbags. First-rate, clear-eyed, journalism — the stuff of which Pulitzers are made.

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