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Film, radio, and print

Some news to share. Last night, the ESPN Films “30 for 30” documentary on which I was the associate producer, Benji, finally aired. The film tells the story of the tragic murder of Chicago high school basketball star Ben Wilson in 1984; his death rocked the city and the lives of his friends and family, and still reverberates today. I’m proud of the film and those who had a role in it. I think we told a compelling story, one in which a sports narrative extends beyond box scores and locker-room quotes.

It also played at the Chicago International Film Festival last week. Here is a video from the Q&A that followed the Thursday night show. It was a surreal moment for those who’ve seen the film.

Elsewhere, last month I was interviewed on the WBUR (Boston) show “Here and Now” about equine genetics and the concurrent article I wrote for the Times. I think I sound better in the end than I felt at the time.

Lastly, my most recent feature was for the Daily Racing Form about geriatric trainers and the rich history of old men training well into their eighties, and why that’s such a colorful, important, unique part of the game. I spoke to some true legends for the story, men with enough stories for a few lifetimes.




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