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The Kettle of Fish

I’ve spent as much time at any bar in the city as the Kettle of Fish on Christopher Street. It’s a friendly, warm neighborhood bar and one of the few remaining Village institutions. It opened on Macdougal Street in 1950 and became a bar of the Beat poets. But I had never been there for Packers games, for which the bar is now known. For more than a decade fans from around the city have made pilgrimages there on N.F.L. Sundays, and it’s also a destination for Wisconsinites too, now. Much of this is the handiwork of Patrick Daley, the boisterous, kindhearted 56-year-old owner, and a roundtable of regulars in the rear of the bar who incited the Packer tradition there. I wrote a feature for the New York Times last week which recounted a classic New York tale set within a slice of the Midwest in Greenwich Village. The story was positioned on the front-page of the Sports section, with a lovely layout of photos.

Here is the online version of the article and here are a few photos.



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