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Still Stylin’

One of my first posts on this website was about Mr. Fashion, the old-time haberdashery in Asbury Park, New Jersey. I visited it for the first time a year ago and was simply blown away by its tonic of history, beautiful fedoras, and timelessness. Carl Williams, aka Mr. Fashion, the original proprietor, sold the store three years ago to his longtime tailor Mark Gray, but Carl is still a big part of the store.

Based on that first trip, I pitched the story to Inside Jersey, the Star-Ledger’s monthly magazine, and after much time spent talking to Carl and writing the story, here is the end product. The headline of the article is “Still Stylin'” and the layout, with photos of Carl as a boy, and in front of rows of hats and in front of the original Mr. Fashion awning, is beautiful. Pick it up on newsstands next week.


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